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Dr Albert Wai-Kit Chan
Founder and Director, United State -
China Intellectual Property Institute (USCIPI)
Dr Albert Wai-Kit Chan is a partner of the Law Offices of Albert Wai-Kit Chan, PLLC. He is a former research scientist who forged his legal career by combining his training as a molecular biologist with the emerging legal needs of the biotechnology industry in the late 1980s. Dr Chan handles all areas of intellectual property law (including technology transfer, patents, trademarks, copyrights, business transactions, and trade secrets), and his specialty is biotechnology patents. He is well-versed in all aspects of prosecution and litigation and is experienced in licensing, technology transfer and the evaluation of intellectual property portfolios. Dr Chan works extensively with both U.S. and international companies. He has helped scores of scientists and inventors obtain the intellectual property protection they need to be competitive in their fields. His clients range from individual inventors to up-and-coming companies to well-established prestigious research institutes.

Dr Chan has been frequently involved in transactional work in China, which includes facilitating joint ventures and contracts between East and West companies and building up clients’ intellectual property portfolios. For those clients looking to expand their business in China, he has not only provided patent procurement services but also, equally important, patent enforcement. He has performed analysis and evaluation of clients’ intellectual property to determine the scope and securement of the protection of their intellectual property.

Since 1996, Dr Chan has taught as an adjunct professor of law at The City University of New York School of Law. His classes include intellectual property law, patent law, technology transfer, Internet and the law, food and drug law, and international business law. Dr Chan is active in a number of legal organizations including, among others, United States-China Intellectual Property Institute. He is also past president of the United States-China Lawyers Society, which aims to promote the free exchange of legal ideas between professionals in the United States and China.

Dr Chan received his J.D. degree from Columbia University School of Law in New York. He was awarded his Ph.D. in virology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and he completed his postdoctoral training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York as an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow. Dr Chan is a graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he was born and raised in Hong Kong.

Dr Chan is currently a registered foreign lawyer at the Law Offices of Hui & Lam in Hong Kong. Hui & Lam is now in association with Long An Law Firm, a full service law firm headquartered in Beijing, China.