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Dr. Emmanuel Gillet
Teaching Fellow, School of Accounting and Finance, the HK Polytechnic University
Dr. Emmanuel GILLET is Teaching Fellow at School of Accounting and Finance, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining the faculty, he was Visiting Scholar at the European Union Academic Programme in Hong Kong. Before moving to Hong Kong, he has nine years’ experience as an in-house legal counsel and editor for a European leader in the management and protection of companies’ online intellectual property assets.

Dr. Gillet specializes in intellectual property, cyberlaw, alternative dispute resolution and comparative law. He received his Ph.D. degree on the topic of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property (Grenoble University), which led him to conduct extensive research on arbitration and intellectual property. He obtained Master Degrees in intellectual property and cyberlaw (Montpellier I University) and international arbitration (Versailles University). He has been frequently invited for conferences and lectures in various jurisdictions, including Cornell University, Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong Baptist University and Montpellier I University.