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Dr Michael Murray
Managing Director of IP Asset Ventures
Dr Michael Murray is Managing Director of IP Asset Ventures (IPAV), a deal-building and deal execution firm that helps companies to integrate intellectual property into their commercial and business strategies.

Dr Murray’s previous commercial roles include: SVP of Business Development and member of the board of Amura Therapeutics Limited; VP Business Development at BTG International plc, Patents & Contracts Manager at Axis Genetics PLC; and Technology Transfer Manager at the UK’s Medical Research Council. In all these roles he has successfully deployed a strong working knowledge of IP to deliver business objectives, leading and executing deals across a diverse range of biopharmaceutical technology sectors. His industrial experience spans: IP strategy and management, business planning, budgeting, project management, commercial strategy, due diligence and technical assessment. He currently sits on the Senior Advisory Board of the International Chamber of Innovation, Commerce and Enterprise (ICICE) where he provides commercial insight in intellectual property.

Dr Murray holds a first degree with Honours in microbiology (University of Edinburgh) and a PhD in molecular genetics (University of Leicester). He has contributed to two books: Modern Biopharmaceuticals – Design, Development and Optimisation 2005 (Ed. Jörg Knäblein) Published by Wiley-VCH; and A Biotech Manager’s Handbook – A Practical Guide (2012) (Eds. Michael O’Neill and Michael M Hopkins) Published by Woodhead Publishing Limited.